A212 HB Committee #24 Report #31

House of Bishops Committee 24 - Privilege & Courtesy/HoB presents its Report #31 on Resolution A212 (The Reverend Professor Louis Weil) and moves:

Adopt - HB Only

Resolved, that the House of Bishops of the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church, gathered in Baltimore, Maryland, gives thanks to Almighty God for the life, ministry, teaching, and scholarship of the Reverend Professor Louis Weil, who died on 9 March 2022, and who over six decades of ordained ministry, became one of the finest liturgical theologians of his generation; and further recognizes Professor Weil’s role as a principal architect of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer; and further celebrates in Professor Weil’s musical training and in his liturgical scholarship, as well as in the refinement of his international formation as a priest and scholar, his championing of a liturgy for living for the benefit of all in the Church.