X001 HB Committee #22 Report #01

House of Bishops Committee 22 - Dispatch of Business/HoB presents its Report #01 on Resolution X001 (Special Rules of Order for the House of Bishops) and moves:

Adopt with Amendment - HB Only

Resolved, the House of Bishops adopts the following special rules of order to govern all committee and legislative deliberation for the 80th General Convention. To the extent that these rules conflict with the Rules of Order of the House, these rules govern:

I. Committee Meetings, Hearings and Deliberations

a. All Committee pre-convention hearings and work must be completed by June 25, 2022.

b. Committee meetings during the Convention will be limited to considering floor amendments adopted by the House of Deputies to resolutions previously adopted by the House of Bishops.

c. Committee on Dispatch will report resolutions in an order they deem most effective for this shortened convention.

II. Resolutions

Notwithstanding any other rule of the House, except for resolutions proposed by the Committee on Dispatch, the Committee on Courtesy, or the Presiding Bishop all resolutions submitted for consideration to the Secretary after June 6, 2022, will be considered out of order.

III. Consent Calendar

a. The Consent Calendar will be considered twice a day including on the first legislative day, as the first legislative order of the Session.

b.  A matter may be placed on the Consent Calendar by majority vote of a Legislative Committee.

c. A resolution may be removed from the Consent Calendar only by a vote of the House or the Committee on Dispatch.

d. A motion to remove an item from the Consent Calendar is not debatable and requires a majority vote of the House to be carried.

e. All courtesy resolutions will automatically be placed on the Consent Calendar, unless the Committee on Courtesy or the Committee on Dispatch votes to remove

IV. Additional Category for Action

a. Deferral to the 81st General Convention

1. The House may vote to defer consideration of a resolution to the 81st General Convention. A motion to defer is:

a. a secondary motion;

b. not debatable;

c. not amendable; and

d. requires a majority vote.

  2. A Legislative Committee, or the Committee on Dispatch, may vote to defer consideration of a resolution to the    81st General Convention during a committee meeting.

b. Any Committee recommendation to defer to the 81st General Convention will be deemed accepted by the House without coming to the floor unless the House votes to suspend the rules and recall the resolution from the Committee.

c. Any resolution that the House fails to vote upon will be deemed submitted for consideration to the 81st General Convention in its original form. Any proposed amendments or recommended actions by the legislative committee will be included as a supplemental report.