Ward Simpson

VI South Dakota

This recently seen Facebook meme resonates for me: "Justice. It's a Jesus thing." The House of Deputies has long been a voice of justice in the Church and world. As HoD President, I would continue my decades-long focus: worshiping our Lord; including the excluded; giving voice to the voiceless; loving the unloved; touching the untouchables. These justice issues demand fair, competent, confident leaders who learn from others, listening to the Spirit that speaks through and guides all of us, for we are stronger when we listen to one another. My ministry in South Dakota and working with the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota has shown you are only a leader if others follow you. Others will follow if I remember we are all related, and no one can be left behind or lost along the way. This does not prevent needed decisive action, but all must know they have been heard and valued. Mine will be a voice of calm, reason, and faith in Christ, confident the Church will bear great fruit in the years ahead.