Carrie Stepp Graves

III Maryland

God called me to The Episcopal Church as a child. As an adult I found a path to spiritual maturity through EfM and Biblical dream work, and discerned a call to work for the Church. I enjoy ecumenical and interfaith ministry, loving nothing more than to help diverse groups of people work together for a common cause. My range of Church board experience is essential to serving on Executive Council and offers me a deep understanding of the Church's needs. I served as canon staff liaison in Upper SC for the work of racial reconciliation, stewardship of creation, world mission, and outreach. I manage budgets and have honed my advocacy skills in SC and as canon for communications in MD. My group facilitation and communication skills, combined with my spirituality, are my rock. With them I am able to communicate the Gospel in a meaningful way. If elected, I hope to knit together my call and skills to help the Executive Council realize God's dream of the beloved community, individually, communally and globally.