Annette Buchanan

II New Jersey

My journey as a faith leader began at St. Augustine's Church in Asbury Park, NJ. Of importance, my call to leadership was reinforced by improving my spiritual practices of prayer and study. I served on several committees and joined the leadership when elected as Vestry member and Junior Warden. I became a delegate to Diocesan convention and served on Diocesan Council among other diocesan responsibilities increasing my knowledge of the Episcopal Church. My major concern in the church was the need for social justice programs. Fortunately, I was introduced to the Union of Black Episcopalians and was inspired by their advocacy work. Within UBE, I was mentored as a lay leader, and became the National President. My advantage was that skills honed in corporate life were transferrable to ministry within the church. These gifts of strategic planning, program management, collaboration, I believe are well suited to serve the Executive Council in the challenges and opportunities we will face.