William Fleener Jr.

V Western Michigan

I have attended 7 general conventions and have been the co-chair of our deputation for the last 3 general Conventions. I have served several times on the Joint Standing Committee on Program Budget and Finance. I have also served on the other Standing Committees and other Committees at General Convention. I have also served on the Court for the Trial of Bishops and the Joint Nominating Committee for the Presiding Bishop. I am a member of St. David's Lansing and have served on the vestry of every parish I have attended as an adult. I have been the Chancellor for the Diocese of Western Michigan since 1994 and have recently been named Chancellor for the Diocese of Eastern Michigan. My wife and I also coordinate out diocesan your camp program. I am a law professor and coordinator of the externship program at WMU-Cooley Law School. I share my home with my wife, two adult children, a sister-in-law who is an adult with a disability, 4 dogs and a cat.