Scott Haight

IV West Tennessee

I have been blessed and honored to serve in numerous leadership roles at the local, diocesan and national levels of our Church. My experience in communicating, writing, listening, and analyzing church issues over a 25-year span, and my 34+ years of practicing business law, is what I can bring to Executive Council. I am a Deputy to 3 GC's, and First Alt. twice. I have served both my Diocese and Parish in many senior leadership roles. I trust the collective wisdom of fellow Church leaders drawn from all orders, backgrounds, and walks of life-wisdom reflecting the diversity of our Church. I am dedicated to the diversity, unity and preservation of our Church in ever-changing circumstances and challenges. I believe that it can be a vital force in our lives, communities, country and the world. I believe that my years of leadership experience at the parish, diocesan and national levels of our Church, as well as my legal experience, will benefit the Executive Council in its ministry.