Clyde Kunz

VIII Arizona

A former investment advisor, I have since worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 yrs. primarily in areas of Governance and Fund Development (which I have taught through a university-based center on NPO management). An honorary Canon, I served as a PB-appointed Director of ECF, now as a Director of Forward Movement and on the Standing Committee for the Diocese of AZ. I am Coordinator for EfM in our Diocese and mentor a weekly EfM group. I am one of four (and the only lay) diocesan intake officers for Title IV complaints and in 2018 chaired the Bishop Search Committee. A delegate to General Convention in 2018, was a member of the Social Responsible Investing & Stewardship Committee. I am licensed as a "Lay Preacher" by the Bishop and am on the parish homiletics rotation approx. every 6 weeks. More than any of the above: I love the Church and hope to serve her using any and all of the skills God has given me, for many years to come.