Sandra Montes

VII Texas

In my life trajectory I have learned patience, organization, discipline and commitment. My parents' example taught me that evangelism, formation, missions and stewardship are vital for church growth (in numbers and in Spirit) and vitality and that budgeting, loving and asking for forgiveness are fundamental. Music and writing taught me creativity, communication and listening skills. I am passionate about authenticity, inclusivity, making room for everyone and learn daily to encourage others to share their voices. Through education and teaching people of all ages, I have learned to teach people with various learning styles and needs. My work as a leader has helped me build and work in cooperative teams. Life as a single madre indigena latina has taught me to prioritize, persevere, manage time, resources and energy and succeed while facing and moving mountains. I was brought up with humility, endurance and faith and knowing we are all related and must use my gifts to help others.