Charles Graves

VII Texas

As an appointee currently serving on Executive Council, I am well suited to continue in this critical ministry. I am a Millennial African-American priest who as a college missioner is dedicated to raising up the new leaders of the Church. In this capacity, my ministry focuses on discipleship, evangelism and building the Body of Christ for the future. Having served in one Standing Committee, two Diocesan Councils, three General Conventions,  boards in four dioceses and parishes in five dioceses, I am well equipped for the Councils of the Church in leading God's people forward. I have served in Episcopal/Anglican ministries in Italy & Ghana, am proficient in Spanish , Italian & English, and have years of experience in both black ministries and Latinx & immigrant ministries as well. Also as a former U.S. Senate aide, I have a highly detailed knowledge of the political and social justice climate in which our church operates, and the increasingly powerful advocacy of the Episcopal Church.