Katharine Black

I Massachusetts

The GOE has changed radically from when it was a pre-professional test like the bar exam. Formerly, there were two parts: academics to demonstrate knowledge, and Coffee Hour Questions to reveal pastoral skill on questions people really ask. Our current goal is to show Bishops and Candidates whether Candidates are ready to be ordained. My commitment to GOEs is year-round, framing and honing questions to reflect the annually changing exam. I'm particularly adept in designing clear, often imaginative, questions in every area that can be answered with entry level Proficiency. I have a wry sense of humor useful for editing and discussing questions either too broad or too vague. In 7 different venues, I have been paired with a variety of readers who consistently report feeling welcomed and valued. Finally, I bring both enthusiasm and energy, delighting in each part of the process: actual meetings, imagining and shaping questions, reading responses, and working with new and experienced readers.