Rosalind Hughes

V Ohio

I am honored to stand for election to the Board of Examining Chaplains. I hold an MA in Theology from Oxford University and an M.Div. from Bexley Hall. I believe that my academic grounding in the required canonical areas is solid. I currently serve as convener of our Diocesan Liturgical Task Force and I am active in developing our gun violence prevention education and response. As a friend, colleague, and as Chair of our Diocesan Examining Chaplains, I have advised General Ordination Exam candidates to answer the examinations prayerfully and imaginatively, projecting themselves into their future as a priest in Christ's church. The formation of faithful ministers of the gospel has been a gift that I have enjoyed and which I love to share with others. It is this combination of academic foundation with some pastoral experience and imagination that I think qualifies me to be of use in this ministry, both in crafting questions and interpreting answers; always and only with God's help.