Noreen Duncan

II New Jersey

I sense that the General Theological Seminary is poised to play a pivotal role in this climate of international soul searching. I want to be part of that walk to the promise with the GTS. I want to help grow the GTS tradition of nurturing the faithful who dream dreams. In May, the Holy Spirit led several of us in the NJ Episcopal Diocese to create the first virtual Anti-racism training course in The Episcopal Church. Two more courses have been scheduled. Opening sacred space to access information is integral to Anti-racism training.  I believe that the GTS would embrace this kind of innovative leadership. I am the president of the Trinity Cathedral Academy Board. A retired Distinguished Professor of English, I had been department chair, a class-room and distance learning instructor for 37 years. Teaching and creating curricular innovations, I advised student associations, editing two (2) literary journals and designing a multi-discipline Pan African faculty lecture series.