Rachel Taber-Hamilton

VIII Olympia

I was raised within a bicultural heritage of Shackan First Nations (British Columbia) on my mother's side and ancestors on my father's side who sailed to the shores of North America on the second Mayflower in 1629.  I have a lifelong commitment to racial reconciliation informed by my personal journey as a bicultural person. As an Indigenous priest in the Episcopal Church, I am dedicated to supporting institutional changes in polity and practices that better meet the needs of BIPOC Episcopalians and reflect the cultural knowledge, social history, and historic experience of our diverse membership. I have 25 years of experience in community development; social justice advocacy on federal, state, and local levels; and leading transformative changes in the polity and practice of the Episcopal Church for a sustainable future. I would be honored to serve as the Vice President of the House of Deputies and would joyfully bring my skills to the service of the Church in that capacity.