T. James Kodera

I Massachusetts

I would like to continue contributing to the Board of Trustees of the General Theological Seminary my experience in two vocations: academic and church. I offer more 40 years of teaching Religion as an academic field at Wellesley College, and 3 years before that at Oberlin College. My teaching and research in the comparative and historical study of religion will give a broad perspective on Christian theological education. The other is my experience as the first Asian American priest, ordained in the Diocese of Massachusetts, one of the charter dioceses of our Church. Since I was ordained in 1985, I have served several parishes; the last 20 years as part-time Rector at a workingclass parish west of Boston. I also served in the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry (EAM), including as President of the EAM Council. In addition, I also bring global experience and perspective. I was born and bred in Japan, where Christians still comprise one percent of the population.