Kurt Barnes

II New York

Since 2003 I have served as Treasurer & CFO of The Episcopal Church and Treasurer of the General Convention, continuing a career in finance and investment in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. I worked for the RAND Corporation as economist; Time Inc. in corporate planning and as editor of Fortune Magazine; Inco Ltd. as finance officer; and with Morgan Stanley Asset Mgmt. I was appointed by the NYS AG to correct financial mismanagement at Hale House; and assisted Amnesty International to restructure its financial management. I have passion for thoroughness, working efficiently and avoiding politics in carrying out God's mission. For me that means avoiding duplicative activities and recognizing the fiduciary responsibility to work collaboratively for the entire church, not favoring individual groups. Extensive historical knowledge and the ability to explain complicated subjects patiently and simply are gifts that continue to serve me in assisting the church in multiple roles.