Alison Harrity

IV Central Florida

At age 27, newly ordained and pregnant with my first child, I attended my first Planning for Tomorrow Conference. When Kevin Caruso walked me through the applications for life insurance and RSVP, I had a first hand experience of the depth of care that the church had for me and my family. Kevin taught me to pay close attention to the benefits I was currently receiving and to stay up to date with changes over both the short and long term. Attention to detail is one of the gifts I can bring to this position. As associate at a large church and now rector of a mid sized church, my experience as a participant in CPG gives me the gift of 20 years of perspective on the benefits of participating in the various products that CPG provides. As a priest looking forward to 20 more years of ordained ministry I bring the gift of considering what the future holds for CPG and what more good it can do in the world for more and more people.