Amy Haynie

VII The Episcopal Church in North Texas

I earned a bachelor of science in nursing and I am a registered nurse and priest. My spouse is a disabled practicing physician. I know healthcare and health insurance issues from many different sides. Over the span of my adult years, I have held private insurance policies, health savings account policies, and group policies. I know the safety net that adequate insurance policies can provide, and the peril that inadequate insurance policies can inflict. I am a hard working committee member that meets deadlines. I am trained in alternative dispute resolution, which can come in handy in committee work. It matters to me that the end result of the work produced shows integrity, transparency, and intentional stewardship. I am not as well-versed in financial business language, but it is not completely unfamiliar to me. I would work hard to prepare for meetings beforehand. It would be an honor and a blessing to serve the larger church through the Church Pension Fund.