Sandra McPhee

V Chicago

I was honored to be elected a Trustee of the CPG board in 2015. I am the Vice-Chair of the Benefits Policy Committee. As an attorney with 45 years of estate planning experience, and a life-long Episcopalian, I believe our church must provide for all of its retired lay and clerical employees. I have been a trustee of my parish’s endowment and have served on boards of a variety of nonprofits. I have a broad view of the church, having served on the Executive Council, the Standing Commission on World Mission, the Steering Committee of the Episcopal Partnership for Global Mission, the Board of the Consortium of Endowed Parishes, and the Board of Bexley Seabury Seminary, and as President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Chicago. I am committed to the reconciling work of the church, particularly with our many international partners. My skills include the ability to synthesize information, to ask tough questions, and to encourage compromise. If re-elected, I would bring all of my skills, experience and passion to the CPG Board.