Anne Vickers

IV Southwest Florida

As Canon for Finance and Administration of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, I'm thrilled to combined my expertise in finance, technology and communication with my lifelong calling to serve the Episcopal Church. In my first term as Trustee of the Church Pension Fund serving on the Investment Committee, my CFA credentials and inquisitive spirit enable me to understand, inquire and assess the technical aspects of a $13B portfolio. My lifelong profession as a CFO informs my ability to execute the important fiduciary oversight of a trustee. And my diocesan experience as a trusted advisor to congregations, schools and supporting Episcopal organizations fuels my passion for the benefits of detailed analysis, effectively communicated with a clear and celebrated alignment of goals. I see and find indicators of success and opportunity every day, and will enthusiastically drive innovative ways to extend best practices, thereby continuing to safeguard a bright and bold future for our Church.