L. Zoe Cole

VI Colorado

As a lawyer, I believe the purpose of the law is to contribute to human flourishing, that it is given to us to support healthy relationships necessary to our lifelong formation in the image and likeness of Christ. I have worked to reveal this reality in a variety of roles as an attorney and judicial officer, as well as in my work in the church, invoking the law in its fullest human context and purpose. As Rev. Dr. Pamela Cooper-White says, the canons are “a God given expression of care for the ordering of the church that is grounded not merely in restraint of evil…, but focused on creating a community in which every member is supported in living a life grounded in desire for God and the joy of being in harmony with the original goodness of God’s creation.” This experience and set of values makes me the ideal candidate to serve the church as a member of the Court of Review to receive and determine appeals from diocesan hearing panels and decide venue issues according to Title IV.