James Hunt

VI Montana

I have been a trial lawyer since 1984. I have appeared before the Montana Supreme Court over 30 times, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals several times, and the U.S. Supreme Court one time. I have practiced in state and federal trial courts. I served on my parish Vestry as Junior and Senior Warden. I served on the Standing Committee, Diocesan Council, and as Diocesan Chancellor. I helped resolve the Bishop Charles I. Jones matter in Montana. Bishop Charles Keyser appointed me an attorney advisor to the ECUSA Title IV committee that investigated Bishops before Title IV was rewritten. At an early age, my father, a former justice on the Montana Supreme Court, taught me courts exist to resolve disputes fairly and quickly. I strive to be compassionate and forgiving, yet discerning. Experience, good judgment, and the ability to listen are critical when trying to understand and resolve issues. I believe I have developed these qualities.