Elisa Kirby

IV East Carolina

In my volunteer service with the Coast Guard Auxiliary I was responsible for the conduct of those in my area of the state, to see that they were abiding by the regulations of the US Coast Guard, which involved counseling and recommending any disciplinary action to the Fifth Southern District of the Coast Guard. I have served on my diocese's disciplinary board and have taken the three day Title IV training conducted by the Chancellors to the House of Deputies. People come to me with spiritual concerns and alcoholism/drug issues--both their own and that of family members. I can draw on my many years of recovery to help those who are addicted. I understand the sorts of behaviors that addiction causes, many end up related to Title IV matters. Having been in a position to interview and hire clergy and church staff I feel I am perceptive and able to listen and evaluate fairly. I am able to help in the building of consensus and able to see the middle ground.