M003 Racial Justice & Reconciliation Memorial

The 172nd Convention of the Diocese of California affirms its Statement of Solidarity “with all who are oppressed, we deplore the hatred and violence shown historically and in the present to Indigenous people, African Americans, African Caribbean, Asian and Asian Americans, LatinX, Pacific Islanders, and all other oppressed persons. We will continually seek to dismantle the racism that threatens us all as human being”, and supports this Racial Justice & Reconciliation statement; 

That the 172nd Convention of the Diocese of California proposes legislation on the following themes as a Memorial to the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church for its consideration:

  •  Commemoration of Bishop Barbara Clementine Harris;
  •  Celebration of Juneteeth as a Feast Day;
  •  Support for the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act;
  •  Support for national legislation fighting Voter Suppression;
  •  Calling for stronger Hate Crime legislation; and
  •  Advocacy for new transformative Asian American / Pacific Islander policies 


The Diocese of California voted unanimously at its 172nd Diocesan Convention to submit this Memorial in support of the 80th General Convention's focused consideration of all legislation on the listed specific themes of racial justice and reconciliation.