A016 (Adopt, Study, and Promote Guiding Principles for World Mission & Initiate Global Mission Advocate Program )

House of Bishops Message #03

The House of Bishops informs the House of Deputies that on Jul 8, 2022 it considered resolution A016 (Adopt, Study, and Promote Guiding Principles for World Mission & Initiate Global Mission Advocate Program ). The house acted to:


Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring,

That the 80th General Convention adopt the following Guiding Principles as a foundation upon which it engages in mission:

  • Think and imagine a world where love is the way
  • Commit to world mission that is incarnated in personal presence, meeting Christ in all whom we encounter, in our backyard or around the globe
  • Go the Way of Love: cross boundaries, listen deeply, and live like Jesus
  • Walk the Way of Love with our companions in mission, in mutual discovery and deepening of God’s reconciling love, learning together, praying together, worshipping together, as we transform and bless each other
  • Excite, inspire, and engage others to discover the joy of God’s mission
  • Honor and embrace in mutual discovery the God-given gifts of all individuals, parishes, dioceses, their partners, and their communities
  • Nurture relationships to develop avenues for cross-cultural mission, local/global/pilgrimage, for all ages and abilities
  • Advocate for structural changes to support global mission issues, including promoting the dignity of all and honoring refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers everywhere
  • Honor our sacred differences while we unite as Beloved Community around God’s table
  • Support missionaries, from discernment, during their service, and upon their return
  • As we walk this Way of Love, address together the many issues of poverty, violence, oppression, and environmental degradation
  • Remember that to “Go” can also mean “Go” by building relationships, learning, listening, encouraging across space through virtual presence and communication from where you are
  • Encourage all dioceses to have a Diocesan Global Mission Advocate

and be it further

Resolved, That the General Convention commend these Guiding Principles to Episcopal seminaries, diocesan schools of ministry, dioceses and jurisdictions, and congregations for study and implementation and that they be encouraged to study and promote the Guiding Principles; and be it further

Resolved, That the General Convention encourage each diocese, jurisdiction, Episcopal seminary, and diocesan school of ministry to appoint at least one person to serve as a Global Mission Advocate to promote the study and use of the Guiding Principles and share with the Church promising global mission practices developed as these guiding principles are implemented alongside other models of ministry such as Asset-Based Community Development and the Sustainable Development Goals; and be it further

Resolved, That the Standing Commission on World Mission and the Office of Global Partnerships collaborate during the triennium with the Global Episcopal Mission Network to create a Network of Global Mission Advocates to share their experiences with the implementation, study, and promotion of the Guiding Principles. This Network shall provide guidance to the Standing Commission on World Mission on the practical application of the Guiding Principles and suggest amendments.