C046 (A Resolution for Continued Funding of the Beloved Community)

House of Deputies Message #74

The House of Deputies informs the House of Bishops that on Jul 8, 2022 it considered resolution C046 (A Resolution for Continued Funding of the Beloved Community). The house acted to:

Take No Further Action

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring,

That this 80th General Convention request that the Joint Standing Committee on Program, Budget, and Finance allocate $2.0 million for the triennium for the continued implementation of additional work of organizing our efforts to respond to social and racial injustice and grow a Beloved Community of healers, justice makers and reconcilers of the implementation of this resolution, and be it further

Resolved, that such monies shall again be utilized exclusively to make grants to agencies and dioceses and other affiliated entities of The Episcopal Church for the establishment of such programmatic activities aimed at addressing issues of justice, healing, reconciliation, and better care of God’s creation.

Resolved, that this 147th Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio direct the Secretary of this Convention to forward the following resolution to the Secretary of General Convention of The Episcopal Church as a duly authorized resolution from this Diocese, and be it further

Resolved, that the Secretary of this 147th Convention be directed to forward a copy of this resolution to the Resolutions Committee of Province V for consideration by the Provincial Synod in 2022.