C054 (Address the issue of Voter Suppression)

House of Deputies Message #100

The House of Deputies informs the House of Bishops that on Jul 8, 2022 it considered resolution C054 (Address the issue of Voter Suppression). The house acted to:

Adopt Substitute

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring,

That this 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church, by adopting this resolution, will be on record supporting reforms that would expand voter registration, increase voter eligibility, and make voting processes more accessible by such measures as:

  • implementing automatic voter registration;
  • enabling same-day voter registration;
  • preparing for natural and man-made disasters that threaten voting access;
  • allowing online registration;
  • expanding the circle of people who are eligible to vote;
  • making it easier to vote by mail;
  • enabling no-excuse absentee voting;
  • creating long-term mailing lists for absentee voters;
  • making voting convenient for people to vote early (i.e., by mail and in person);
  • enabling weekend voting and extended hours;
  • and, guaranteeing an adequate number of voting locations; and be it further


Resolved, that this 80th General Convention calls for the elimination of all statewide voter ID legislation that has been adopted since the 2013 Shelby County vs. Holder decision of the Supreme Court of the United States; and be it further


Resolved, that this 80th General Convention direct the Office of Government Relations of The Episcopal Church to continue advocacy for the federal government of the United States to enact voter protections laws; and be it further


Resolved, that this 80th General Convention directs the Secretary to forward this resolution to the Governors of the 50 States and direct the Dioceses to contact the leadership of their legislatures to encourage legislation that will protect and expand voters’ rights and access as outlined in the resolution.