D087 (Delete Canon III.15 Of the General Board of Examining Chaplains )

House of Deputies Message #244

The House of Deputies informs the House of Bishops that on Jul 10, 2022 it considered resolution D087 (Delete Canon III.15 Of the General Board of Examining Chaplains ). The house acted to:

Concur with Referral to an Interim Body

Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring,

<The text to be deleted can be found after the *******> 

That Canon III.15 is hereby deleted; and be it further

Resolved, That the subsequent canons in Title III be renumbered as appropriate; and be it further

Resolved, That bishops, commissions on ministry, and standing committees be encouraged to consider successful completion of a program of study approved by the Bishop at an accredited Episcopal seminary as prima facie evidence of proficiency of the subjects outlined in Canon III.8.5.g.



Canon 15: Of the General Board of Examining Chaplains

Sec. 1. There shall be a General Board of Examining Chaplains, consisting of four Bishops, six Priests with pastoral cures or in specialized ministries, six members of accredited Seminary faculties or of other educational institutions, and six Lay Persons. The members of the Board shall be elected by the House of Bishops and confirmed by the House of Deputies, one-half of the members in each of the foregoing categories being elected and confirmed at each regular meeting of the General Convention for a term of two Convention periods. They shall take office at the adjournment of the meeting of the General Convention at which their elections are confirmed, and shall serve until the adjournment of the second regular meeting thereafter. No member shall serve more than 12 years consecutively. Additionally, the Presiding Bishop, in consultation with the Chair of the Board, may appoint up to four other members for a term. The House of Bishops, at any special meeting that may be held prior to the next meeting of the General Convention, shall fill for the unexpired portion of the term any vacancy that may have arisen in the interim. The Board shall elect its own Chair and Secretary, and shall have the power to constitute committees necessary for the carrying on of its work.

Sec. 2.

(a) The General Board of Examining Chaplains, with professional assistance, shall prepare at least annually a General Ordination Examination covering the subject matter set forth in Canon III.8.5.g, and shall conduct, administer, and evaluate it in respect to those Candidates for Holy Orders who have been identified to the Board by their several Bishops.

(b) Whenever a Candidate has not demonstrated proficiency in any one or more of the canonical areas covered by the General Ordination Examination, the General Board of Examining Chaplains shall recommend to the Commission on Ministry, and through the Commission to the Board of Examining Chaplains, if one exists, of the Diocese to which the Candidate belongs, how the proficiencies might be attained.

Sec. 3. The General Board of Examining Chaplains may prepare, in each Convention period, guidelines based upon the subjects contained in Canon III.8.5.g, which guidelines shall be available to all persons concerned.

Sec. 4. The General Board of Examining Chaplains shall promptly report, in writing, to the Candidate, to the Candidate’s Bishop and to the Dean of the Seminary the Candidate is attending, the results of all examinations held by them, together with the examinations themselves, whether satisfactory or unsatisfactory, making separate reports upon each person examined. The Bishop shall transmit these reports to the Standing Committee and to the Commission. Notwithstanding the results of the examinations, in no case shall the Standing Committee recommend a Candidate for Ordination under Canon III.8 until the Standing Committee has received from the Commission on Ministry a certificate to the effect that the Candidate has demonstrated a proficiency in all subjects required by Canon III.8.5.g and h.

The report of the Board shall be made in the following form:

To_____________________ (Candidate), the Right Reverend _______________, Bishop of ________________(or in the absence of the Bishop the Standing Committee of)___________________: (Place) ___________________ (Date) ________________

To the Dean of (Place)__________________________: (Date) _______________

We, having been assigned as examiners of A.B., hereby testify that we have examined A.B. upon the subject matter prescribed in Canon III.8. Sensible of our responsibility, we give our judgment as follows: (Here specify the proficiency of A.B. in the subject matter appointed, or any deficiency therein, as made apparent by the examination.

(Signed) _____________________________________

Sec. 5. The General Board of Examining Chaplains shall make a report concerning its work to each regular meeting of the General Convention, and in years between meetings of the General Convention shall make a report to the House of Bishops.