A230 (The Baltimore Police Department)

House of Bishops Message #391

The House of Bishops informs the House of Deputies that on Jul 10, 2022 it considered resolution A230 (The Baltimore Police Department). The house acted to:

Adopt - HB Only

Resolved, the House of Bishops meeting at this 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church, gathered in Baltimore, Maryland, expresses our deep appreciation to Police Commissioner Michael Harrison and the Baltimore Police Department for police and security personnel to provide a secure and safe environment for us to meet; and be it further

Resolved, that the House of Bishops thanks the Police Department for providing us, readily and at short notice, a safe route for our march of witness on Friday, July 8, as well as their presence around us during the march and prayer service, once again providing a secure and safe pportunity; and be it further

Resolved, that the House of Bishop expresses our gratitude to Ms. Kati Braak, a committed and experienced volunteer in our General Convention Office, who was able to be a crucial liaison between us and the City of Baltimore and the Police Department;  to Ms. Morgan Simonet, the Senior Manager of Customer Experience for Visit Baltimore, our contact who helped to make our march happen; and to Major Featherstone, our initial contact in the Police Department, who ensured that his team was deployed.