C021 Amend Canon I.9.1 to change the Diocese of Puerto Rico to Province II

In accordance with Resolution 2018-A072, the Diocese of Puerto Rico approved the creation of a task force to study our relationship with the IX Province. After a thorough study, the task force presented its recommendation to the Puerto Rico diocesan convention of 2018 to start a search for a province in which our diocese would have a greater identification, recognizing our cultural, social, socio-political and religious realities of our society and of the 21st century. This recommendation was adopted by majority vote at the Puerto Rico diocesan convention of 2019.

After a process of dialogue with the Office of Pastoral Development of the Presiding Bishop. The provinces that complied with the principle of geographic proximity were identified. The identified provinces were: one (I), two (II), three (III) and four (IV).

Provinces two (II), three (III) and four (IV) showed the interest that our diocese be integrated into their province, therefore in a Special Convention on July 31, 2021, after six rounds of voting, province two (II) was selected.

At the Diocesan Convention held from October 22 to 23, the Diocese of Puerto Rico approved a resolution to formally submit the amendments and resolutions necessary to formalize and finalize the change of the Diocese of Puerto Rico from the ninth province to the second.

Therefore, we present this Resolution to the Convention, as to the effect to accept Puerto Rico desire to move into the II Province.