C035 Training Modules on Slavery and Reparations

Since 2005 the Episcopal Diocese of New York has engaged in a variety of opportunities with the objective of working towards disclosing our complicity in the slave trade and its aftermath. These efforts have resulted in unearthing truths related to the history of some of our congregations and organizations, a process which is ongoing.

As the Reparations Committee continues its mission, it has found that a number of our congregations are doing serious and substantive work in addressing their histories. Others are at the very beginning of doing this work, and some are deciding whether they wish to engage in it. Wherever they may be on the continuum, it is vital for this important work to continue. Therefore, we are requesting the General Convention to authorize the creation of modules on the topic of slavery and reparations to be used by the whole church in the training of children and adults as they are prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation.

In response to resolutions of the 2015 General Convention challenging us to learn more about our Church, the General Convention authorized a racial audit. The audit collected data from a sampling of three dioceses from each province (our diocese was not one selected for participation) along with a sampling of specifically identified people Racial Justice Audit Report_ENG (episcopalchurch.org).The Reparations Committee feels that an audit of this diocese will provide results that enable us to develop criteria for the expenditure of our reparations fund. Results will also provide insight into the way we view and work with our diverse diocesan community.