A128 Resolution for Healing Surrounding The Episcopal Church's History with Indigenous Boarding Schools and Other Forms of Oppression

To address the impact of historical trauma rooted in racism and white supremacy since 1492 perpetuated by the colonization of manifest destiny and Doctrine of Discovery to civilize the Indigenous peoples of North America through assimilation processes, namely boarding schools by the U.S. Government and churches.

The intended outcome of these centers is to help bring a sense of healing and harmony to a community grieving and traumatized by generations of harm and injustices to Indigenous peoples.

Additional outcomes include creating and supporting stronger communities, which act as prevention against negative consequences related to spiritual and mental struggles, turning to substance abuse to cope as wounds re-emerge, and to help when trauma is re-awakened. It is through prayer in sacred circles, as grounded in both Indigenous and Christian spirituality, to restore hope, faith, and to facilitate the ongoing spiritual endurance and healing.

Truth-telling, Reckoning, and Healing is a priority in the Jesus Movement, supporting the spiritual needs to cope and heal from historical traumas is the Way of Love.