A140 Urge The Episcopal Church and Constituents to Designate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, has been designated by the United States Federal government since 1937. There has been a movement to designate this holiday to honor the people who tended and took care of the land when Columbus “discovered” it in 1492. In recent years, states have opted to drop observing the holiday altogether or redesignate it as Indigenous’ Peoples Day. 

The State of New York, where DFMS is legally located, still designates the second Monday in October as Columbus Day. South Dakota, New Mexico, Maine, among others, have changed the language to be Indigenous Peoples’, Native Americans’, or American Indian Heritage Day.

President Joe Biden was the first United States head of state to acknowledge this cultural change, proclaiming October 11, 2021 as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Biden’s address says, “For generations, Federal policies systematically sought to assimilate and displace Native people and eradicate Native cultures.  Today, we recognize Indigenous peoples’ resilience and strength as well as the immeasurable positive impact that they have made on every aspect of American society.” 

The Episcopal Church has been a long-term advocate for Indigenous and Native rights and ministries. Since 1973, the General Convention of The Episcopal Church has recognized the importance of advocating for and developing Native-focused Episcopal ministries. 

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