D081 Diversity in the Episcopate and Diocesan Staff Leadership

Resolution 2018-D005 called upon the office of Pastoral Development to “maintain statistics of the Racial and Ethnic makeup of men and women in elections to the episcopate” and upon the Recorder of Ordinations to “gather data about clergy by race and ethnicity in order to show trends in ordination, deployment, and compensation by race and ethnicity”. The reports of these respective offices show that women, People of Color, and LGBTQ persons are underrepresented both in the episcopate and in diocesan staff leadership. This resolution seeks to develop recommendations for the Episcopal Church and for creating greater opportunity in all dioceses for the breadth of diversity to be represented in positions of authority at the diocesan level.

The attached report from the Office of Pastoral Development includes all consecrations 2017-present plus current bishops-elect (as of May 9, 2022). The office does not track sexual orientation or gender identity.