D092 Concerning the Exclusion of Same-Sex Spouses of Bishops from Lambeth Conference 2022

This resolution is meant to express gratitude for the spouses of LGBTQ+ Bishops in light of the decision to exclude same-sex spouses of LGBTQ+ bishops from participating in Lambeth Conference 2022. The exclusion of same-sex spouses of bishops sends a message to LGBTQ+ people worldwide that the Church does not appreciate the value of the gift of God's LGBTQ children and that their families, relationships, and experiences are invalid, shameful and wrong. We understand the devastating emotional impact on bishops and their spouses, knowing that other bishops will be able to share in the conference with their opposite-sex spouses. In contrast, LGBTQ+ bishops and their spouses face systemic exclusion and discrimination. This resolution is a way to affirm the many ways LGBTQ+ Bishops, their spouses, and families have been a blessing to the Church serving as a reminder of God's inclusive and abundant love.