A069 Create DFMS Staff Position to Manage Safe Church Website and Respond to Inquiries

The establishment of the Safe Church website provides a point of contact for the gathering and dissemination of information and in that sense can serve the Church well in its efforts to redress the comprehensive and long-standing problems of harassment, sexual abuse and exploitation. However, it is only the beginning of an on-going systemic response. The various listening sessions conducted by the Task Force to Develop Model Sexual Harassment Policies and Safe Church Training have confirmed that despite the long history of work in various dioceses and at various levels of the Church, the inconsistent implementation of training and response to allegations of misconduct by both clergy and laity in the Church leave many wondering where to turn and how to pursue redress for problems, especially, but not exclusively, when laity are the perpetrators of harm. A contact person is needed to help members of the Church, including lay and ordained leaders, identify resources to assist them in responding to complaints and creating cultures in which all members and participants feel safe and welcome.